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Training and Mentoring in Service Design, UX Design, Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking, in Bogota and remotely

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Service and UX Design skills, along with general Design Thinking skills, are pivotal for creating products and services that not only meet business goals but also delight and fulfill the real needs of people, which is crucial for sustainable success. I’m happy to support you as a UX and Service Design trainer and mentor with tailored learning experiences. I’ve been conducting in-house and open Design workshops since 2005, worked as a mentor, tutor, and teacher in a Service & Experience Design Master’s program and have been a 1:1 UX mentor for Career Foundry since 2021. Get in touch for a free introductory session to explore your needs and goals together!

Sample Design Education Formats

service design thinking crash courses, nicole neuberger, service & ux designer trainer, mentor, bogota
Service Design Thinking Crash Course​

Intensive project-based group training to learn the core methods and tools of Service Design and Design Thinking

2 - 4 days

Develop your own project and apply the most important Service Design and Design Thinking Tools and Methods, including:

  • User Interviews
  • Experience Mapping
  • Ideation (Creativity Techniques)
  • Value Proposition, Design the Box
  • Experience Prototyping
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Service Blueprinting

4-10 participants

mentoring, nicole neuberger, service & ux designer trainer, mentor, bogota
1:1 Mentoring in Service or UX Design

Personalized 1:1 online mentoring in Service or UX Design Projects

1 - 2 hours per session

Personalized, individual online mentoring according to your needs. Sample topics:

  • Portfolio review
  • Methods deep dive
  • Challenges at work
  • Deciding on activities, methods and tools for your project
  • Implementing Design Thinking in your company
  • etc.
design immersion, specialization course, nicole neuberger, service & ux designer trainer, mentor, bogota
Design Method Immersion

Deep dive into specific Service or UX Design methods (for example, Customer Journey Mapping, Interactive Prototyping), group training

0,5 - 1 day

Learn more about specific design activities, methods and tools. Sample topics:

  • All about User Research
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Service Blueprints
  • Experience Prototyping
  • Interactive Prototyping with Figma

4-10 participants

Some Explanations

Service Design and User Experience (UX) Design compliment each other to create awesome experiences. Imagine the Service Designer as the director of an orchestra and UX designers as musicians, contributing their part to the overall symphony. 

Service Design zooms out to look at the entire journey a customer takes with an organization. It’s about crafting seamless and enjoyable experiences across various touchpoints and channels, considering not just the customer interfaces, but also the processes and people involved behind the scenes. 

UX Design is more focused on a specific part of that journey. It’s concerned with making sure each interaction a user has with a specific touchpoint/interface is as smooth, intuitive, and delightful as possible. 

Design Thinking is about solving problems by thinking and acting like a designer. It describes a mindset,  approach and methodology which aims to combine user needs, economic viability and technical feasibility.

Human-Centered Design is about involving users iteratively throughout the design process to create solutions that meet their needs. 

You can view Service and UX Design as specific fields of application of Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design.

Case Study

service design thinking crash course, nicole neuberger, service & ux designer trainer, mentor, bogota

Service Design Thinking Crash Course

A 3-day project-based crash course into Service Design and Design Thinking.

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