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Customer-friendly Enterprise Solutions for Software Deployments

How to make complex productivity tools more easy to learn and use in the presence of legacy issues?

Case Study: Summary​

  • Problem: A powerful B2B web application enabled companies to automate software deployment processes, but users had a hard time learning the tool and using it efficiently.
  • My role(s): I was brought on board as a UX freelancer shortly before an important yearly launch to help identify and fix top usability issues. Afterwards, I continued working for the client as a UX and Service Design consultant and mentor to help consolidate user-centered design processes and strengthen internal design capabilities.
  • Challenge: How to simplify a complex web application for developers that has evolved over the years without any special attention to UX?
  • Solution and Approach The first step was to identify quick wins for the upcoming launch. Then, I mentored a junior designer in crafting a vision prototype as a guide for future steps. After successful user testing, we reversed changes to the existing system based on the prototype. Recognizing the software’s complexity, I advocated for a service design perspective and initiated our first customer journey mapping workshop involving various departments.
  • Client: IT company (confidential)
  • Activities and Deliverables: Competitor Analysis, UX Expert Reviews, User Interviews, (Agile) User Testing, Usability Reports, UX Guidelines, Co-design of Vision Prototype, User Journey Mapping, Site Map, User Stories, Personas, Design Studios, UX Mentoring, UX/CX Strategy Consulting, Customer Journey Mapping Workshop Design and Facilitation
  • Outcome: User feedback on the implemented quick wins was positive, and on the vision prototype enthusiastic. The internal interdisciplinary customer journey mapping workshop was challenging to painful (revealing that people had very different definitions of the same terms, among other things), but in the end very useful from a customer experience perspective. My assignment ended when the company was acquired by another IT company.


Due to privacy and confidentiality, detailed deliverables cannot be disclosed. If you’re interested in learning more about my approach, I’d be delighted to share general and anonymized information in a 1:1 call. Reach out via email at


This project was one of the most complex ones I have ever worked on. One of the main issues with the current software was that it reflected the mental model of software architects and was not organized in a task-oriented way at all. In user interviews with IT, it was initially really hard to understand what the software actually does, since the developers continued drawing the architectural model instead of explaining user goals and task flows.

I did enjoy the work a lot, though. Being challenging also meant that it was extremely stimulating. Thinking about solutions in a space with a lot of constraints is fun and exciting. Also, it was very gratifying seeing the positive user reactions to the proposed changes. The fact that the current solution had a lot of UX issues also meant that UX improvements were clearly noticeable.

Last but not least, I was very happy that my client asked for my support in establishing UX within the company. I have always enjoyed looking at UX from a strategic, organizational, and service design perspective and also think this is crucial for delivering successful solutions in the long run.

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